The 5-Step Quick & Dirty Mini-course That Will Show You How To:

Find Your First 3-5 High-Paying Clients On Facebook In The Next 10 Days From A Pipeline Spilling Over With Never-Ending Prospects…

No Matter Your Skillset, Or Niche & Regardless Of Experience!

The Only Client-Getting Strategy You’ll EVER Need

I’ll make this brief…

You’re here because you need to find clients ASAP.

And I’m not talking about:

  • Broke-ass clients that work you to death and then pay you pennies afterwards…
  •  Or cheap clients you’ll have to compete for on bidding sites like Upwork or Fiverr…
  • Or worse… the scammers who trick you into a “performance only” deal to get free work out of you…

I’m talking about QUALITY clients that:

  • Pay you on-time and fast
  • ​Pay you EXACTLY what you’re worth (or more)
  • ​Are extremely easy to work with
  • ​Keep you busy with fun and fulfilling projects

…and that’s just for starters.

Well, guess what?

According to Google…

There are Over 200 MILLION Different Brands And Businesses Marketing On Facebook RIGHT NOW…

Selling all kinds of different products and services…

In countless niches and industries.

And EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM could use a skilled freelancer like yourself to help grow their business.

And out of these 200 MILLION businesses, all you need are 3-5 of them to make $5K a month, $10K a month… or more.

Think you’re up to the task?

Of course you are.

And I’m going to show you how to get them with my quick and dirty Meta Client Hunter Minicourse.

This 5-Step Client Getting Mini Course Will Land You More High-Paying Clients Than You’ll Know What To Do With --In 10 Days Or Less.

My name is Joshua D. Copeland,
a 6-figure sales funnel copywriter.

Over the last 7+ years of writing copy, I’ve written for clients like Tony Robbins, Clickfunnels, Jason Capital, and Mindvalley, to name a few.

Mind you… I landed these clients with ease -- despite the THOUSANDS of other copywriters they could’ve chosen.

Did my experience help? Most certainly.

But I’m sure those other copywriters were experienced, too.

No.. the truth was, I used this simple, 5-step strategy that got their attention and got me paid 5-figures a month….

And now, I want to show you how you can create a never-ending supply of quality, high-paying prospects with this strategy like I did…

…so you can land your first 3-5 clients in the next 10 days or less.

⚠️ Now I have to warn you… ⚠️

This mini course is quick, and dirty.

It’s not fancy.

It’s unedited.

There’s no fluff.

But more importantly, it’s straight to the point.

Which means…

In Less Than Hour, You’ll Have
Everything You Need To:

 Land 3-5 High-Paying
Clients FAST

 Reach Your Income Goals Of $5K-$10K/mo.
Or More!

 Boost Your Portfolio & Experience

 Land High-Paying Projects & Long-Term Retainers

 Live The Laptop Lifestyle Or Live Life On Your Terms

Financial Freedom

…And Much More!

And the best part?

I’ve Already Done All The
Hard Work For You…

This mini course is almost completely templatized.

In fact, I’ve even thrown in some of my personal client-getting sequences for you…

…The same ones that helped me land clients like Clickfunnels and Tony Robbins.

All you have to do is follow each of the 5 simple steps to the T…

…and you’ll have high-paying clients banging on your door before you know it!

That’s why, no matter the niche or industry…

The Meta Client Hunter will have your pipeline spilling over with quality prospects and high paying clients in 10 days or less.

Find Clients For ALL Types Of Copywriting...

Long & Short Form Sales Letters

Brochures & Pamplets

Ad Creative Copy



Social Media Posts 

Video Content Scripts 


…And Much More!

Shave HOURS Off Of Your Search
For High-Paying Clients

Let’s face it… Client hunting can take forever.

That’s why I designed this mini course to shave HOURS off your client search.

Just follow these 5 simple steps to find the brand you want to work with and get the info you need to get in touch…

So you can and walk out with a new client and the money they come with!

In fact, this mini course works so well, you can…

Find High-Paying Clients In Any Niche

From Health & Fitness to Skin Care and Finance…

There are SO MANY businesses marketing on Facebook alone.

Which means no matter what niche you specialize in…

There is an overabundance in clients that could desperately use your services.


This mini course will also help you…

Land Clients No Matter
Your Level Of Experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie who’s just starting out…

Or a seasoned freelancer looking to scale his business.

The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course will help you tap into an
unlimited supply of never ending clients at your disposal.

Here Are What Some Happy Freelancers Are Saying About The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course:

“Looking for clients used to be so hard to do on my own. But I was able to finish this minicourse in a single afternoon and start landing clients in just 2 days!”

Freelance Copywriter

“The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course breaks down how to find clients and make money ASAP. I love how straight to the point this course is…No fluff and straight to the point.”

Freelance Graphic Designer

“Found my first 3 clients in just 5 days after finishing this course. The course can be finished in less than an hour. I never knew how easy it was to find quality, high-paying clients to work with!”

Freelance Social Media Strategist

Here’s What You’ll Learn In
This 5-Step Mini Course:

The Proven, 5-Step Meta Client Hunting Strategy

I’m going to break down exactly how I find high-paying clients whenever I need them (or whenever I want to make some quick fun-cash for the weekend).

Do This ONE THING To Create A Never-Ending List Of Leads

This strategy alone will help you land up to 3-5 clients before you even finish this course

How To Find Your Dream Client In ANY Niche You Want

This is great for building up your portfolio to land even bigger clients in the future.

The 2 Tools You’ll Need To Find The Shot-Callers In Any Business Instantly

So you don’t have to waste time looking for their contact info (which can sometimes take HOURS if you don’t know where to look).

How To Get ANY Client To a Test You Out (Before Paying You The Big Bucks)

If you want to get your foot in the door with ANY client, this method works better than anything else, I’ve ever tried in my entire 7 year copywriting career.

The Most Effective Way To Follow Up With Nonresponsive Clients

Run this simple sequence and you’ll have clients responding back to you in no time

And much more!

Plus You’ll Get Frequent
Mini Course Material Updates

Even though this mini course will show you a proven client-getting strategy, straight with no chaser…

I’ll always be looking for ways to make this course even EASIER for you.

That’s why you’ll be notified of frequent updates whenever I discover something that will help you land more clients with less stress.

Making this the ONLY tool you need to get the clients you want.

But it gets even better…

The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course Also Comes With These Incredible Bonuses:

The Client Vetting Quiz

Value: $47

Even though this mini course will help you land quality, high-paying clients, there will still be some broke ass clients that slip through the cracks every now and then.

This bonus will help you sift through these low quality time-wasters so you can make sure you ONLY work with high-paying clients. PERIOD.

A $47 value, yours completely free when you get this mini course today.

Automation Mastery

Value: $97

This bonus is going to show you how you can automate each of the 5-steps of the Meta Client Hunter Mini Course, so you can ONLY focus on closing these clients, working on fun projects, and getting paid ASAP!

A $97 value, yours at no cost when you get this mini course today

White-Label Genius

Value: $97

This bonus is going to show you how to land $10K-$20K+ projects by using the services of other talented freelancers. (This bonus alone can help you build your own agency if you wanted!)

Valued at $97, yours FREE when you get this mini course today.

The $20,000 Email Case Study

Value: $67

In this bonus, I break down how I generated $20,000 with a single email. You can use this same template to write killer emails for yourself to land more clients and get paid!

Valued at $67 dollars, a gift to you when you get the mini course today.

Get The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course PLUS Over $300 Worth Of Bonuses For The One Time Price Of Just $37!

Your Order Will Include:

 The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course

 Frequent Material Updates

Bonus 1: The Client Vetting Quiz

Bonus 2: Automation Mastery

Bonus 3: White-Label Genius

Bonus 4: The $20,000 Email

TOTAL VALUE: $12,345


And if that’s not enough…

The Meta Client Hunter Mini Course Also Comes With A
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’re going to love this course, that if you’re not landing your first 3-5 clients in 30 days, send me an email and I’ll give you your $37 back, no questions asked.

Get Ready To NEVER Run Out Of Clients -- EVER Again.

I’m telling you…

The days of of struggling to get clients are officially over.

All you need is 3-5 high-paying clients…


Are you ready to finally start getting paid?

And start growing your business with quality, high-paying clients?

Because once you open Facebook’s floodgates, there’s no closing it.

You’ll know exactly what to do when you’re in need of some extra clients…

…or some extra cash.

And more importantly, you’ll never go hungry again!

So what are you waiting for?

Start the Meta Client Hunter Mini Course today!

About Josh D. Copeland

Josh is copywriter and content strategist who’s helped hundreds of brands scale their offers to 6-7 figures with lucrative copy and content strategies.

He’s written for clients like Tony Robbins, Clickfunnels, Mindvalley, and Jason Capital. And has been mentored by some of the best copywriting geniuses in the industry, which include A-Listers like Ning Li, Jason Capital, and Heath Wilcock.

He’s written copy for multiple niches that include Dating, Biz op, Health & Fitness Supplements, and Self Development, among many, many others.

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